Month: September 2017

Versatile Hunky Dad and Slim Son Do It All

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On May 17th, 2008 I received my first blow job from a man! Since then we have met about once a week for a “session”. As you can understand things can develop in ways you don’t imagine in the beginning. This “story” is an account of what happened the nest week. As usual, if you are offended by bi-sexual or gay relationships what are you thinking? Go read something else! For the rest of you, your comments are welcome and encouraged both publicly and privately.
After our first cock sucking session in the back of my conversion van Fred agreed to meet me again the following week. We met as before on a Saturday morning at the restaurant and this time we had breakfast and made small talk. When the meal was finished Fred picked up the check and went to the cashier to pay the bill. We both got in my van and left to find a spot to park.
“Get in the back, cocksucker!” I ordered, “Strip, I want to see how eager you are!” My tone changed from friend to Master the moment we entered the van.
“Now?” Fred asked, somewhat confused by my sudden change.
“Are you hard of hearing or just stupid? I glared at him. “Strip now, show me your cock or get out immediately.” More free twink videos starring sweet 18-21 years old gays with amazing tiny cocks you can find at our sponsor site:
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